All About Monsanto Roundup Cancer Attorneys

Roundup is a widely used weed killer which is a major reason for causing cancer among the humans whosoever have been exposed to this substance.


Thousands of people have suffered from several health issues like brain cancer, birth defects, chronic kidney disease and many more.

Roundup Lawsuit

After comparing the children suffering from brain cancer with the healthy children, the researchers said that the parents who have used this weed killer for around 2 years before the child’s birth, their children have suffered from brain cancer.


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Roundup Lawsuit

The use of Roundup weed killer is also the significant reason for the farmers’ kidney failure. This is the reason why thousands of suits were filed against the company to get the justice to the health issues they’ve faced.


Roundup cancer lawsuit was the name of the lawsuit that was filed against the company where the people demanded the compensation.


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Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

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The attorney hired by them would be well experienced who’ve helped many individuals so far in getting the compensation for the ailments caused to them by means of Roundup weed killer. It is also possible to check this useful reference to find out more about the Monsanto roundup cancer attorneys.