What are the complications caused by Hernia Mesh?

After Hernia surgery, damaged tissues are supported by Hernia mesh which makes recovery quicker.

Some people that have undergone the hernia repair surgery suffer some health issues and severe complications that were caused by implantation of surgical mesh.

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Hernia Mesh

Physiomesh, C-Qur mesh are some types of hernia mesh that can damage the abdomen, intestines, and bowels. Due to these damages revision of surgery is required.

The patients who are facing revision of surgery are filing hernia mesh lawsuit against the manufacturers. They complain that companies designed dangerous and defective products and didn’t warn about their severe complications.

Complications from the hernia mesh

Patient mostly suffers these side effects from hernia mesh:

  •    Tearing of Abdominal wall
  •    Sepsis
  •    Lack of ingrowth of mesh
  •    Puncture of other  abdominal organs
  •    Intestinal  fistulae
  •    Adhesions of the mesh  to the bowel
  •    Abscesses

Hernia mesh

Incompatibility of hernia mesh with some patients

Physiomesh and C-Qur are made from polypropylene plastic but physiomesh is coated with monocryl, which is an absorbent material mostly used to prevent adhesion and inflammation. Most of the people alleged that it is not suitable for implantation.

Whereas C-Qur is coated with omega -3 fatty acid fish oil. This fish oil has caused an allergic reaction in some people.

What makes hernia mesh lawsuit alleged?

Following are the allegations raised by the patients:

  •    Designing of a defective product along with the risk of severe reactions.

  •    Selling products which are failed to perform as per expectations and was responsible for the surgical removable.

What compensation will you receive in hernia mesh lawsuit?

Hernia mesh lawsuit will help in recovering compensation of:

  •    Pain and suffering
  •    Medical bills
  •    Lost wages

So this is all about hernia mesh and its complications and lawsuits.

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